In early 2018 I joined the SYC & came across Lovely Nellie, renamed TUG by myself.
I paid £1000 for her with her mooring tackle & yard trailer.
She looked a bit sad & I was after a therapeutic project.

On her I found a plaque with HMS Ark Royal on it & assumed she was from that Carrier.
I did some internet research on Ark Royal the carrier & was enthused.
Ark Royal was broken up in 1979/80 not far away in Cainryan.
I was recently informed however by Terry Haltham a boat researcher into Naval small boats histories.
That she was not from Ark Royal at all !
Being official number 7693, 93rd boat ordered in 1976 by the Navy.
Built by C. Toms & sons of Fowey in Cornwall.
In 1979 she was accepted into the Navy at Devonport.
From there she went into service with Leander class frigates from 1979-86.
She may have seen service in the Falklands war.
She was on HMS NAIAD for a while & then went to Dartmouth naval college.
In 1994 she was sold out of the Navy & went to a sailing school in North Wales.
Then she was sold again & became a trip boat in North Wales named SCALLYWAG.
She was later resold & went to Kirkcudbright & was again a trip boat & renamed LOVELY NELLIE.
In 2009 she was sold again & was used locally as a private boat.
I acquired her in early 2018 & wondered why she was called LOVELY NELLIE ?
I did some internet research again & found the following on line.
In the late 1700`s & early 1800`s there was a high level of emigration to the American colonies.
Emigrant ships sailed regularly from this area.
In 1775 Lovely Nelly as she was then named captained by William Sheriden took 82 souls , men, women & children from this area, to lot 59 on Prince Edward Island, the reason given was they was short of bread here!
Most apparently almost destitute, they had a hard time ashore as well & many died there.
Lovely Nelly herself was later wrecked in the North East of England in 1861.
My therapeutic project I have worked out cost me £8.50 a day or £59 a week over 9 months.
I had spent £3000 on labour, parts & materials plus the £1000 to buy her.
I decided to sell her as a project & cut my losses & buy a boat I could use.
The hull made £350, the yard trailer £400, the engine & parts £1100, total £1850.
The mooring seems to have vanished?
It was purchased with the Lovely Nellie.
Anyone who has knowledge about the mooring, please let me know?
Anyway I had some enjoyment from TUG & working on boats is something I enjoy.
Just as well , life is to short to dwell on what one spends on boats!
I have bought a Drascombe Lugger 18 feet day sailing boat plus an Orkney Fastliner 16 feet fishing boat.
I thought this Tale would be of interest to members.

Good sailing & fair winds to all at SYC.
Dave Hart.
Haugh of Urr, Castle Douglas, DG73YD.