In early 2018 I joined the SYC & came across Lovely Nellie, renamed TUG by myself.
I paid £1000 for her with her mooring tackle & yard trailer.
She looked a bit sad & I was after a therapeutic project.

What the hack - a full healthcheck
Facelift requires - needs brand new deck
"Boatox" filler - big licks of paint everywhere
Back to basics - Stripped Enterprise bare
'Justin' time for a 'Happy & prosperous New Year' *

*sorry it's taked the web master so long to get this blogpost up!!!

All wood Enterprise with decks and varnish removed. Replacement woodwork where necessary. This is a vintage boat that was well built and deserves a new lease of life!

Kev, Val, Oscar and Jean

The Lasers were losers

S.O.S Kev - Please choose us

To be your next project...

From neglect to respect

Now no-one can refuse us

so come on and use us!!

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who's the fairest of them all?

Frome hideaway to on display

Kev's restoration....Wow, I say!


Poor 'Miss Miffy' was falling apart, when Kev saw her it broke his heart...

Now decked out in her best regalia, ...just waiting for someone to come and sail her!