What a success! When I put the four adventure days into the 2019 programme, this is exactly what I had in mind. Fortunately, Willie Patterson took a fairly woolly aspiration and made it real, conceiving, planning and executing a masterful event. I saw 27 kids having the time of their lives and I saw a whole lot more "kids" (whose birth certificates maybe told a different story) coming together as a team to make it all happen. When our club gets together to have a bit of fun, boy can we make a good job of it.

Fortunately, the weather gods smiled on us after giving us a fair fright overnight and during the early morning. Going to Plan B seemed a worry but it all just worked perfectly. Watching it all from mothership Alicat was a joy for me.

Now we know what we can achieve, let's build on it for next year. Sailing, of course, has it's pinnacle at the Olympics but, without the base of the pyramid, that's worth nothing. We, and clubs like us, are the solid base on which the whole edifice rests.

Thank you all.

Lindsay Tosh, Commodore