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RYA Scotland Club of the Year 2018
Receiving the trophy at Inverkip
The 2016 Flying Fifteen Scottish Nationals @Kippford
The club has been a leading Flying Fifteen club for decades
Horse Isles Bay Picnic 2018
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On the start line!
And they're off!
Laser Open
Hunca Munca as committee boat
RNLI Regatta
With Hestan and Balcary behind
Craning In
The start of the cruiser season masterminded by Jim
Hunca Munca
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Mudlarks - Cadet Week
Happy cadets but slightly less than clean
At the mouth of the Urr with the Cumbria coast in the far distance
Open Day 2019
Elizabeth giving joyrides in the club Bahia
Open Day 2019
Welcome visitors from RNLI Kippford
Open Day 2019
Vice Commodore giving joy rides in Whisper
Open Day 2019
The Flying Scotsman
He made it
Close Racing
Three Laser Radials in a tussle
Little and Large
Roy Kerr and La Malouine arrive
Traditional End to Cadet Week
Senior Instructors made themselves scarce
Close to the Wire and the Water
Spitfire in full cry
Whiteport Picnic
Arriving to start a glorious picnic at the end a great week
A Busy Boat Park
And prizes for all
Getting Crowded in There
At the pontoons ready to rock and roll
The Future
New members for 2025 survey the sailing area

I am delighted to let you know that Lindsay Tosh has been awarded the RYA 2020 Scottish Regional Volunteer Award for outstanding services to the SYC, ASC and RYA Scotland over many years. This is one of the most prestigious RYA awards which are given annually throughout the UK. Hugely well deserved and many congratulations to him from all members of both clubs.


Robert Dinwiddie, Commodore


Photo : Jacquie Tosh


After many happy years of ownership I must reluctantly sell my Achilles 27 and wonder if anyone might be interested .

Formerly owned by Harry and Jane Kidd of Solway YC, under the name of Sapphire of Solway, she is an Achilles 27 with triple keel, ideally suited for drying out in the estuary . Re-engined with a beta 14 sail drive and folding propeller she is in Maryport Marina.

Further details are available on request to me.

Dr Ronayne Roberts

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Barry Filer (2.7.1935 – 9.9.2020) was one of the longest serving members of the Solway Yacht Club (SYC).  Early records show that he was already a member in 1950 thus making it 70 years of continuous association with the club. At this time he sailed GP14 235 and then Flying Fifteens with great success.

One little known fact about Barry is that he and his brother Peter gave Jackie Stewart his first ever racing cars in 1961. Initially this was a Marcos, followed by an Aston Martin with which he had immediate success, winning several races in his first year of competition. Jackie was eternally grateful to them for the start of his racing career and kept up with Barry throughout his life.

Barry also sailed for the Royal Gourock Yacht Club in 1970. He was Cadet Officer for the SYC both in 1979 and again in 1986. This showed his great interest in bringing forward the next generation of young sailors here at Kippford. He was also instrumental in the development, construction and funding of the new pier which was opened by Uffa Fox in 1958.

During his continued membership of the SYC he was also a distinguished member of the Clyde Cruising Club, being a Principal Race Officer and overseeing the Scottish Mirror and Flying Fifteen Championships in the mid 1990s.

Barry raced in many cruisers each of which was named “Off We Go”, these included a Bowman 46 and a Jaguar 22. In his later years his Sadler 29 was a familiar sight around Kippford, especially during Cadet and Kippford Weeks. During this time he was particularly helpful in towing boats out to race and supervising the races as they took place. His favourite site of observation was adjacent to the Torr buoy in Balcary Bay.

Apart from being a superb sailor he was a person of great character who everyone enjoyed watching and learning from. His unique contributions to the SYC over so many years are greatly appreciated. It is a privilege to have known him and he will be greatly missed.

Robert Dinwiddie, Commodore

Following the great success of the Championship Weekend, the club is now going to complete the season with three weekends of racing; 19th and 20th September (12:10 and 12:50), 3rd and 4th October (11:50 and 12:20) and 17th and 18th October (11:10 and 11:50). As you will see, the times are very much in the middle of the day and the weather is, of course, going to be fine. The Vice Commodore is in charge of wind and will ensure nice warm breezes from the south-west.

Despite the tightening of normal social contact due to COVID-19, the Scottish Government has not changed the organized sport guidelines so it’s possible for competitors from more than one household to sail together and not need to maintain the 2 metre distance rule. RYA Scotland has issued guidance and it is attached to the event in Webcollect. This applies only on the “field of play” for organized sport and normal rules apply before and after racing or for social sailing.

The clubhouse is closed for most purposes and you will need arrive ready to sail or change in your car. The toilets are open on a one out one in basis.

Due to the need to keep careful records of everyone competing, all racers must enter via Webcollect  (here). To make it easy, you do not have to sign in and the event is shown as public. However, we cannot allow entries from those who are not paid up members much though we would love to see members from other clubs. If you have not entered via Webcollect, you  may not race.

A great deal of work has gone into getting racing going again and it would be lovely to see a packed start line for these events.

Queries on the racing should be addressed to John Broadbent and difficulties with Webcollect should be raised with Lindsay Tosh via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Lindsay Tosh

You may have noticed on the website or Facebook the sad news about the death of one of our longest-serving member Barry Filer. In these troubled times, we sadly cannot show our respect by attending his funeral but we have a plan to honour him within the current guidelines. The hearse and the family cars will pass in front of the clubhouse before the funeral and we can legitimately spread ourselves along the private road from the north end of the clubhouse and up the main road as the cortege heads for Colvend Church. We should not form into one group but should distance ourselves individually or in family groups widely spaced out. We may of course greet each other but should not come together in any way either before or after the cortege passes. In this way, we can honour our friend without breaching the regulations. We should be in position before 11:00 on Friday 18th September. The funeral is at Colvend Church half an hour later.

The format is:

  • Cortege forms up in the public car park then, at 11:00, drives up between the car park and the Mariner and across the front of the clubhouse heading north
  • Commodore stands by at the club flagpole on the balcony to do the honours
  • Members and friends line the private road from the north end of the clubhouse to the main road, if necessary stretching up the main road
  • Significant, well scattered distancing to be observed throughout; not just the 2 metre social distancing of a group
  • Dress – sailing gear or similar e.g. sea boots and oilskins (assuming the usual west Scotland weather), club apparel if available
  • Gentlemen way wish to wear headgear to remove at the appropriate moment.

Please may we have a good turnout for this doughty man of the sea.

Please address any queries to me via the club email address or by phone.


Lindsay Tosh

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the passing away of one of the Solway Yacht Club's most long-serving and distinguished members, Barry Filer. A private family funeral will take place at Colvend churchyard on Friday September 18th at 11.30am. The family has requested that donations in his memory be made to Kippford RNLI. Further details on how Club members can pay their formal respects on the day will be announced shortly.

Robert Dinwiddie, Commodore

After a torrid summer of lock-down, social distancing and isolation, The Solway Yacht Club is organising:

RNLI Regatta (one race) on Saturday 5th September

Start: 1250     HW 1420

Pre-race briefing two-metre-socially-distancing at 1130 hrs on the pierhead


SYC Club Championship  (two races) on Sunday 6th September

Start: 1320     HW 1450

Prizegiving two-metre-socially-distancing at 1600 hrs on the pierhead


All three races above count towards the SYC Club Championship


All SYC members are invited to take part, with races to include all classes of sailing vessel and all handicaps.  We hope that you can be with us to compete or to watch. 

All events can take place within Scottish Government Covid-19 regulations.  Every competitor must read and understand the attached RYA Guidelines before entering any of the above races. Due to the regulations, entries will only be accepted from club members.    

Come changed as the Clubhouse changing rooms are closed for changing, but WCs will open under strict protocols (one in – one out; sanitisers; masks, etc.).  (Do not use the Kippford public WCs on the day because of the large number of visitors from anywhere and everywhere).

To keep within restrictions, stay safe, and for us to maintain registers of entrants and to help with forward planning, entries will be by Webcollect only, closing firmly and finally by 12-noon on Thursday 3rd September. If you are having problems with Webcollect, contact Lindsay Tosh ( by phone or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

Entry monies for the RNLI Regatta will be through voluntary contributions on Webcollect, remembering that RNLI’s charity shops have been closed and fundraising ventures severely curtailed this year - yet their rescue missions and outgoings have not.

If you wish to hire an SYC dinghy (Pico, Mirror, GP14 or Topper), please apply to John Sproat (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) as soon as possible, and certainly before Tuesday 1st Sept, to allow us time to ready them for you and to leave a 3-day gap prior to you using them.  You must sign a declaration prior to hiring any SYC craft, and be sure that you are competent to sail any hired craft.


Race Officer:  Willie Patterson;  Assistant Race Officer:  Lindsay Tosh

Covid-19 Officer:  Robert Dinwiddie

Safety Boat Officer:  Pete Hammond


Thursday 28th May is hopefully the first day of Phase One of the Scottish Government's 'Covid-19 Route Map' to ease 'lockdown'.
If we all observe this route map, we can safely get back on the water.
The SYC Committee have drafted the attached SYC Covid-19 Risk Assessment Protocol after meeting online yesterday morning - 23rd May 2020.
We cannot yet give guidance on a date for Craning-In, but it is being continually discussed.
We wish you all the best and thank you for your patience. May it soon be rewarded!
Robert Dinwiddie
On behalf of the SYC Committee.

Closure of SYC Clubhouse
Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and in line with Government advice, please note that as of immediate effect, the Clubhouse is CLOSED to all members. We cannot guarantee currently recommended levels of cleanliness against potential coronavirus infection.
Boating at Kippford
If you wish to go boating, come changed, rig your boat and go out on the Urr. Pack up and go home – without visiting the Clubhouse.
Please note: the public toilets at Kippford may soon be closed.
Remember - there are no safety or tow boats! You go out at your own risk.
· Ensure that your boat is in good condition before setting out: check it each time
· Know the tide times, start of the ebb current and expected weather conditions
· Wear effective personal buoyancy, correctly worn with all straps secured
· Carry a secondary method of propulsion in case of engine/rigging break-down
· Carry an anchor to catch you if you start to drift
· Carry a radio/mobile phone, flare or effective means of emergency communication· Ensure that someone on land knows your voyage plan, destination and ETA, or use HM Coastguard’s ‘SafeTrx’ smartphone app: this logs your position and gives automatic alerts. Check this app out!
· Single-handers should not sail out on the tide alone: always have a ‘buddy’ (social-distanced, if relevant).
Cruiser owners / Craning-In
The Solway Yacht Club will no longer be responsible for arranging the craning-in of cruisers but, if owners want to get their boats in, they could do so by direct arrangement (contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. first). We do appreciate that there could be problems getting at boats that want to go afloat being jammed in among those who don't.
We will contact you again if / when circumstances change.
Best wishes – and stay safe.
Robert Dinwiddie
Commodore, on behalf of SYC Committee.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic,  the club is taking action to safeguard members and participants.

 The situation is as follows (updated 30/03/20) and this will be updated as needed:

Craning In                – cancelled

Challenger Open          – cancelled

Laser/Finn/N12 Open  – cancelled

Spring Training             – cancelled

Club Racing                  – cancelled until further notice

5-Castles Regatta         - cancelled

Other Club Activities     - cancelled until further notice

Cadet Week                  – cancelled

Kippford Week              – cancelled       

*Individual Sailing         – at responsible sailor’s discretion

*Note that there will be no safety boats available to rescue you or to tow you in.  Please keep to all safety advice concerning lifejackets, secondary means of propulsion, weather forecast, tidal information, flares, radio/phone, advising others of your whereabouts, course, ETA, etc.  Calling out RNLI may interfere with someone’s Covid-19 ‘lock-down’ period

RYA advice for clubs –

RYA advice for recreational boaters -

NHS and Scottish Government advice–


Due to the current situation we have taken the difficult decision to cancel the Stage 3 Course on 6 -10 April.
We are monitoring the situation and hope to be able to re-schedule at a later date.
Chris Nurney
Training Principal
The Solway Yacht Club, like all sports clubs, are fully aware of the potential effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the significant risk involved with the spread of this disease via close contact with others.
We would advise that all members follow the NHS/government guidelines which can be found here:
The RYA have also issued advice and this can be found here:
We are continually monitoring the situation closely assessing the associated risks as appropriate with regard to our future activities. Our primary aim is to safeguard the health and well-being of all our members.
We thank you for your support.
Robert Dinwiddie

Delighted to say that Yachts and Yachting have put a very nice report onto their homepage at "Yachts and Yachting". It will be on there for the next 48 hours or so.

Best regards,

Robert Dinwiddie, Commodore



Now that 2020 has arrived here are some important diary dates to note. Cadet Week racing days 20/07 to 24/07. RNLI Regatta is 02/08 and Kippford Week Racing days are 03/08 to 07/08.

For 2021 the dates are Cadet Week racing days 26/07 to 30/07. RNLI Regatta is 08/08 and Kippford Week Racing days are 09/08 to 13/08.

Note that the 2020 RNLI Regatta is now on 02/08 and not 08/08 as shown in the 2019 handbook.

Best regards,

Robert Dinwiddie, Commodore



One of our inflatable marks went missing between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. We have had a good search but to no avail. Often, these come back in after a day or two so, if you're walking around the coast, please keep an eye out. 


Lindsay Tosh


What a success! When I put the four adventure days into the 2019 programme, this is exactly what I had in mind. Fortunately, Willie Patterson took a fairly woolly aspiration and made it real, conceiving, planning and executing a masterful event. I saw 27 kids having the time of their lives and I saw a whole lot more "kids" (whose birth certificates maybe told a different story) coming together as a team to make it all happen. When our club gets together to have a bit of fun, boy can we make a good job of it.

Fortunately, the weather gods smiled on us after giving us a fair fright overnight and during the early morning. Going to Plan B seemed a worry but it all just worked perfectly. Watching it all from mothership Alicat was a joy for me.

Now we know what we can achieve, let's build on it for next year. Sailing, of course, has it's pinnacle at the Olympics but, without the base of the pyramid, that's worth nothing. We, and clubs like us, are the solid base on which the whole edifice rests.

Thank you all.

Lindsay Tosh, Commodore

Cadet Adventure Day Saturday 31st August 2019. 11:00am - 3:00pm
SYC Club Adventure Days are designed to broaden our water based offerings to offer our cadets a bit of fun, excitement and adventure outside the normal racing environment.
“The Crystals of Rathan” Adventure day organised for Saturday August 31st encompasses a land and water based adventure utilising simple map reading, power boat driving and creative thought wrapped around the theft of mythical crystals from the cadet vaults of Solway Yacht Club by an evil crook, Rank Bajin.
The task set will be to recover the crystals which have been retaken from Rank Bajin by Special Agents commissioned by the club. The Special Agents are being pursued by Rank and are currently hiding in secret locations on Almorness Peninsula........
The Event is suitable for ages 9 upwards and there is no requirement to be able to sail. 
We will try to accommodate as many cadets as we can but of course there must be a limit based upon the number of RIBs we can muster. Please get your youngsters' names down as quickly as possible to avoid disappointment.
We will also need adult helpers to act as Special Agents and other characters as well as powerboat drivers so  if you'd like to be involved get in touch as below.
Willie Patterson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is running the event and you can contact him for a copy of the FAQ page or indeed if you have any other queries.

Kippford Week and RNLI Regatta 2019

A week of mixed sunshine, showers and winds from nothing to “sailing perfect” produced another year of challenges for sailors young and not-so-young for the Solway Yacht Club’s main event of the year. As always led by the Club’s highly experienced team of Race Officers and safety crews, but in particular this year’s Club Commodore, Lindsay Tosh.

Day 1 quickly identified the leading crews in the various classes and the pace was set. Many familiar faces but several new ones going well, particularly among the young.

Tuesday, day 2, and as the fleet launched many were towed out to the start line with virtually no wind. An hour passed before a few slight zephyrs could be felt and after a wee while more, enough to get the races underway. Further offshore it was again the Hawks that dominated the Cruiser class with the David Henderson and David Butler crew winning again but back in action in the Flying Fifteens after the previous day’s breakage were Colin Filer and Jamie Gascoigne. They weren’t having it their way again, beaten by the Scott Train and Anne Stewart crew. In the dinghy fleet Stewart Mitchell led the fast handicap class to a win in his Olympic Finn, fresh back from a great performance in Denmark in the World Masters Championships. Medium handicap class saw a close finish with Emily Biggar and crew Mhairi McFadzean take “line honours’ but it was Ian Purkis and crew Emily Overend in their Firefly who won after handicap corrections. The slow handicap class was won by Megan Greaves in her Topper. With the light winds, the inshore races were finished “on the water” thanks to the safety boat of Duncan Gillespie and crew, pressed into timing the finishers ensuring there was a fair result.

Windy Wednesday brought a big change to the weather with a near perfect strong steady wind which got the leading boats really flying.  Offshore again it was the Henderson/Butler Hawk but in the Flying Fifteens it was the Jim Holland and Dewi Williams crew that had a big lead at the first mark and were delighted to win by a narrow margin beating the fast closing Filer/Gascoigne boat. In the dinghy classes, Alex Gendinning in his Vortex won both races in the fast handicap class, while the medium handicap class the Biggar/McFadzean crew were really flying stretching out a big lead in their 420 boat (the Olympic training type), getting their first win. The slow handicap fleet again went to Megan Greaves, clearly now the one to beat.

Thursday and another day of light winds saw a similar pattern but by now in the medium handicap class it was getting very crowded at the top of the series with Stewart Biggar in his Laser 4.7, James Bishop in his Laser Radial and the GP14 crew of Mark Lewis and Beatrice Overend joining the Biggar/McFadzean crew, all in with the chance of an overall win.

With several fleets results already settled, interest was all in the medium handicap class. On the water, line honours went to the GP14 of Lewis/Overend, but the handicap win to the Laser Radial of Alex Noble but despite only finishing third, it was just enough to secure Biggar/McFadzean the overall series win.

Despite the domination of the cruisers by the Hawk yachts, all week the other cruisers were still having their own battles. Mention must be made of “Kintra”, skippered by John Searle and his crew Andrew Bodenham who consistently came out on top of the rest.

In a very crowded clubhouse, prizegiving celebrated all those series podium place winners and those who had made the whole week run so smoothly and successfully from the galley to the race office, the mark layers, the safety crews and many others. However special awards went to Jim Prentice for his immaculate and “very shiny bottomed” foiling catamaran and most especially to Deirdre Harding for her outstanding contribution to the whole of the Club and Club life, much behind the scenes, from her days as a cadet through to today. A massive “Thank You” from everyone.

Kippford Week overall podium results.

Cruiser Class

1st David Henderson and David Butler (Hawk 20)

2nd Angus Campbell and David Henderson (Hawk 20)

3rd Sandy Mair and Alison Young (Hawk 20)

Flying Fifteens

1st Scott Train and Anne Scott

2nd Jim Holland and Dewi Williams

3rd Colin Filer and Jamie Gascoigne

Fast Handicap

1st Stewart Mitchell (Finn)

2nd Rhys Williams (Laser)

3rd Steve Brisley (Laser)

Medium Handicap

1st Emily Biggar and Mhairi McFadzean (420)

2nd Mark Lewis and Bearice Overend (GP14)

3rd Stewart Biggar (Laser 4.7)

Slow Handicap

1st Megan Greaves (Topper)

2nd Tamsin Wallace and Mollie Keiley (RS Feva)

3rd Louisa Birdsall and Alice Parker (RS Feva)


The Kippford RNLI Regatta

With all entry fees being donated to the local Kippford RNLI, the Regatta races are a separate event but linked to the main Kippford week sailing. With several crew changes and new entrants, boats were in the same classes as the main Kippford Week. This time all the races, including for the larger cruising yachts and Flying Fifteen keelboats were started from the same inshore start line. This made for a very crowded water and quite a spectacle for those ashore. With the Kippford lifeboat doing the lead boat turn, assisting sailors to follow the correct course, the races got underway.


In the light wind it was a test of sail trim, balance and patience but in the glorious summer weather, the beautiful Colvend coast was looking its best. One feature, welcomed by some, was the larger cruising yachts breaking the stranglehold previously held by the Hawk yachts in the class, with Fiona Blandford and her crew taking second.

With no sign of the wind increasing the Race Committee again called on the Safety crews to provide “on the water” finish lines between a convenient course mark buoy and their safety boat, something that had already become a feature of Kippford Week 2019

So concluded another Kippford Week with huge thanks to all those who made the whole event possible from the Race Committees, the safety crews and many more to everyone who kept the sailors fed and watered in the galley and the bar.

Kippford RNLI Regatta overall podium results.

Cruiser Class

1st David Henderson and David Butler (Hawk 20)

2nd Fiona Blandford and crew (Delpha Classic 700)

3rd Sandy Mair and Alison Young (Hawk 20)

Flying Fifteens

1st Scott Train and Anne Scott

2nd Colin Filer and Jamie Gascoigne

3rd Jim Holland and Dewi Williams

Fast Handicap

1st Stewart Mitchell (Finn)

2nd Mark and Anna Simpson (National 12)

3rd Mark Crowther (Laser)

Medium Handicap

1st Mark Lewis and Bearice Overend (GP14)

2nd Ian Purkis and Emily Overend (Firefly)

3rd James Bishop (Laser Radial)

Slow Handicap

1st Tamsin Wallace and Mollie Keiley (RS Feva)

No other finishers

Willie Patterson's meticulous plan came to fruition today with a most successful Open Day. We had 115 folk from outwith the club go on the water and we got 8 new memberships. We had even more visitors who did not go out including local MSP Finlay Carson and Marc Turner from RYA Scotland, whose photographs we are agog to see. We even had the Kippford lifeboat in for a cup of tea and a bun; good to see you.

Such events rely on a huge effort from many members so can I thank all who turned up to help. We had members in the kitchen, bringing bakery, at the pierhead, in the boat park, giving joyrides, manning safety boats and much else besides. Publicity is vital and Becky, Ian and Anna arranged posters and banners. Becky has already posted some great photos on Facebook. Thank you all.

Lastly, thanks go to the RYA for their help and the materials allowing us to link the national Push the Boat Out initiative to our Open Day.

Now the task is to consolidate the gains made. We have new members, we have a raised profile locally and we need to use that to develop our great club even further.

Lindsay Tosh, Commodore

Practical Boat Owner for April 2019 (and yes I know it's only February)

The club came away from the RYA Scotland Awards evening with one direct success and one indirect.

The trophy for Club of the Year was brought home to Kippford and the honour was all the sweeter when you consider the quality of the other two clubs on the shortlist; Royal Northern and Clyde YC and East Lothian YC. East Lothian now head for London as a shortlisted club for the UK awards and we wish them well. 

Our one time cadet captain Jock Wishart was successful in the competition for Performance of the Year. Jock took the trophy with his Commodore's Cup team, who went to Cowes and came back not only victorious but very clearly the top team. Jock was kind enough to mention the club in his acceptance speech.

One thing we learned was that, should you be at a Burns Supper and Jock is addressing the Great Chieftain o' the Puddin Race, you'll hear and see a lively address; just keep out of claymore range! See Jock in full cry on the Facebook page.


Committee Minutes Feb 2019

Click HERE for latest results...

This weekend's finale to the Club Championship leaves the top of the table poised nicely with more than one competitor in with a chance of the crown and many battles further down the table still in the balance. I've published draft results to date on the website (On the Water/Results) just to whet your appetite. Remember that on Sunday, Super Sunday no less, points count double or, because sailing works on a low points system, half so you need to be there. The only bad news is that "kick off" is early, 09:50 and 10:30 respectively. Still, it's worse for the poor race officer, your humble correspondent!

Lindsay Tosh

Sailing Secretary

In glorious Spring sunshine, a good breeze and sparkling sea, the second day of Solway Yacht Club Championship races were held on Saturday. With the biggest turnout of the year so far, entrants ranged in age from the youngest cadet age 10 to one of the senior members, a little more than 7 times the age of the youngest! Age is no limit in the sport of sailing so long as you are competent in the boat you’re sailing. The handicap system ensures that everyone is racing on an equal basis.


My name is Valerie Shipp; you may have seen me sailing my Sportina 680 ‘Selkie’ around Kippford and beyond. This year I have decided to sail something a little larger and I will be taking part in the Tall Ships Race which leaves from Sunderland on 14th July 2018. Over 100 square riggers and classic yachts will be racing to Esbjerg in Denmark. We will then sail in company up the coast of Norway to Stavanger, followed by a race back to Harlingen in Holland. This is the racing yacht ' Maybe' which I will be crewing on.


As part of this project I am raising funds for Greenpeace to help their campaign to reduce the amount of plastic going into the oceans. I watched the BBC’s Blue Planet II this winter and was captivated and astonished at the diversity of life which exists in our oceans. I was also saddened by the effect we humans are having on these creatures, especially by the amount of plastic we are dumping at sea. I am asking you to help Greenpeace’s campaign by donating to my Justgiving webpage; Valerie Shipp - Tall Ships Race. As the race and fundraising progresses I will be posting updates on my facebook page.

Thank you and good sailing!

Valerie Shipp

The Solway Yacht Club offers a cordial invitation to visiting sailors.

The Solway Yacht Club offers drying out pontoon berths for approximately 6 yachts at £15 per night payable at the Mariner Hotel at the head of the pier.

However, Kippford is not really a suitable berthing area for Fin Keelers as there are no deep water moorings. Additionally, the Club ask fin keelers not to 'tie up' onto the pontoons as they put too much pressure on the structure and cause damage.

Temporary Membership

Please visit our membership site at to apply for a temporary membership or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Both Cruiser and Dinghy visitors can have access to the Clubhouse for showers and toilets. WiFi is available in the Clubhouse free. The WiFi is with BT so a BT Open Zone is available for BT Broadband customers. Ask the Hon Sec for the pass codes for the Clubhouse and WiFi when you book. There are water and electricity points on the pier and pontoons.

We can sail to and from the pontoons and slipway between 2.5 to 3 hours each side of high tide. The channel is buoyed and there are few hazards in the bay or estuary(see chart and sailing instructions)

Kippford Area

Kippford has a well equipped chandlers at the Kippford Slipway. A bus service calls at the village and stops at the shelter in the village opposite the Chandlers.

The Kippford Caravan Park (up the hill on the way out of the village) provides a seasonal shop with a wide range of fresh foods, newspapers etc. It also has cycle hire.

Adjacent to the Caravan Park is a Golf Course which welcomes visitors.

Kippford has two hostelries, the Anchor and the Mariner both of which do bar meals.

There are some spectacular walks from the village and the Jubilee Path between Kippford to Rockcliffe is publicised as one of Scotland's best. There is the Rockcliffe Gallery in the Barons Craig Hotel and a tea shop in Rockcliffe, on the left, just where the road leaves the village.

The path along the shore from Rockcliffe to Castle Point will not disappoint.

Solway Smuggling - during the 18th century the Solway was one of the most prolific smuggling areas in the country, particularly, with the independence of the Isle of Man and the numerous creeks, coves and caves, between Southerness and Fleet. The link will take you a summary of smugglers tales.

Items of Interest

The Solway Yacht Club in the 50's and 60's The SYC when it was based in Rock Villa - kindly donated by Guy Mathison read on...

Kippford circa 1908/9

This interesting set of photographs was taken by Mr. John Hume whilst on holiday in Kippford about 1908/9 kindly donated via Gordon Daly read on...

Smuggling Tales on the Urr Estuary

Solway Smuggling - during the 18th century researched and compiled by Frank Bewley read on...

Kippford Village SYC Pier



Contact the club:

  • by email :  mThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  -  for membership matters (incl. boat park fees) only
  • by email :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  -  for all other matters
  • by phone: 07768 809862 or 01556 620312
  • by mail : The Secretary, Solway Yacht Club, Kippford, Dalbeattie DG5 4LL



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