The Clubhouse

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The Approach

Enter the channel - which has a minimum depth of 1.5m at half-tide· between one and two cables distance from the East shore off Castle Point.

Head North West towards the stake nets and enter the channel between the withy which marks the end of the nets and the first, starboard fairway marker. The nets are off the East point of Horse Isles Bay and may be submerged with only the withy showing.

The channel is liable to change position and is buoyed with port and starboard fairway markers.

Within 1.5 hours of high water there is no need to keep to the channel as there is more than 1.5m over the mud flats, although careful monitoring of your depth is advisable.

On reaching the two perches which are the Solway Yacht Club start line, keep to the middle as the perches are positioned well beyond the limits of the navigable channel.

Thereafter, steer between the lines of moored craft to Kippford village and the Yacht Club pontoons. During the sailing season Kippford can be crowded with craft.

All the moorings and pontoons dry out - so visiting boats must be able to take the ground.

Pontoons with water and electricity points are accessible around 2.5 hours of high tide - see Visitors Page for terms.

There are visitor's moorings to the South and South West of the pontoons.


If you're approaching the mouth of the Urr from the South East, keep Rough Island in sight past Castle Point in order to clear Craig Roan - a dangerous half-tide reef lying about five cables South East of Castle Point.

There are stake nets, off the East point of Horse Isles Bay, which may be submerged. Their eastern end is usually marked by a tall withy but in any case - the Point should be avoided by at least one cable.

Urr Estuary Chart